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Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyers in Orange County

Protecting the Rights of Employees Who Reported Illegal Activity

An employee who finds out their employer is involved in unsafe or illegal practices should be able to report the wrongdoing without worrying about facing retaliation. In fact, California law encourages employees to report any conduct that is against the law or simply unjust. If you did so and faced consequences at work, you might need legal representation from an Orange County, CA whistleblower attorney.

Regardless of the nature of the misconduct you reported, you did the right thing by bringing it to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement or government agency. If your employer retaliated against you instead of admitting fault and accepting the repercussions, they could face further consequences when you file a whistleblower claim. Contact our Orange County, CA law firm for a free consultation to discuss your legal options for whistleblower retaliation at work.

What Is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who reports their employer for breaking the law or bringing harm to someone. Among the most common examples of misconduct that employees might report include:

  • Fraud
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violation of any state or federal laws
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Wage violations

Many whistleblowers report violations to a government or law enforcement agency, but even those who only report to their supervisor at work are entitled to whistleblower protections in this state. There are several California whistleblower laws in place to protect whistleblowers from employer retaliation after they report wrongdoing.

If you’ve been facing unfair consequences at work and believe it’s retaliation for reporting your employer, you should contact Orange County whistleblower attorneys. When you come to Odell Law, PLC, an experienced whistleblower attorney will review your case to decide how to proceed so you can pursue damages. Call our Orange County, CA law firm for a free consultation.

What Are Common Forms of Retaliation by Employers?

Getting to know common ways for employers to retaliate may help identify the signs that you’re facing undeserved punishment for reporting unlawful conduct. After all, retaliation isn’t always as straightforward as your employer firing you immediately after your report.

In many cases, the retaliation is more subtle than wrongful termination, as employers don’t want to get caught punishing employees for reporting them. As a result, they might make the workplace so uncomfortable and unpleasant that the employee quits. Some common ways for employers to retaliate include:

  • Reducing work hours
  • Rejecting requests for paid time off
  • Decreasing pay
  • Refusing promotions
  • Taking away necessary work credentials and resources
  • Reducing or withholding work benefits
  • Suddenly changing work duties
  • Excluding the employee from social events with coworkers
  • Failing to tell the employee about important meetings
  • Writing unfairly negative performance reviews
  • Relocating the employee to another office
  • Demoting the employee
  • Refusing to provide necessary training opportunities
  • Threatening to cause legal trouble for them
  • Intimidating or harassing the employee and their family

If your employer has taken adverse employment action against you or has created a hostile work environment that makes it difficult for you to get through the workday, you should talk to a whistleblower attorney in Orange County, CA. The right lawyer for your claim can help prove whistleblower retaliation so you can pursue a claim for compensation to make up for lost wages, emotional distress, and other losses caused by workplace retaliation. Contact our law firm to talk to a skilled whistleblower attorney knowledgeable about employment law issues.

What Laws Protect Whistleblowers in California?

There are several California whistleblower laws meant to protect whistleblowers in the workplace. The laws that apply to your case will depend on the kind of unlawful conduct you reported and the company you work for.

For example, the California Whistleblower Protection Act is in place to ensure that state employees feel comfortable reporting illegal activities, fraud, waste, unsafe conditions, public health threats, and other issues they discover while working for the state. Due to the California Whistleblower Protection Act, the California State Auditor not only investigates reports, but also ensures that California employees do not face retaliation from state officials.

You can also rely on protections from the California Labor Code, which forbids employers from retaliating against employees for reporting violations of state or federal laws, including wage or labor violations. If there is evidence of retaliation, this California whistleblower law ensures employers are punished and employees are compensated for lost wages and other damages.

Another California whistleblower law, the Federal False Claims Act, protects employees who report fraud against a federal government agency. For example, if you report Medicare fraud in healthcare, the Federal False Claims Act prohibits employer retaliation. If the government files a lawsuit against your employer, the qui tam provision lets them add you to the legal action so you can collect damages in federal court.

Similarly, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act lets employees at publicly traded companies report violations of state or federal law without retaliation. If your employer has ignored all the California whistleblower laws meant to protect you, it’s time to talk to Orange County whistleblower lawyers about your legal options.

Are You Ready to Meet with Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyers in Orange County?

If you believe your employer retaliated against you for reporting unlawful activity, you should contact an Orange County, CA whistleblower attorney to discuss the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the company. Reporting a violation is a protected activity for which you shouldn’t face adverse action in the workplace.

If your employer responded to your whistleblower reports by firing you, demoting you, or making your workday miserable, you can pursue a claim for economic and punitive damages. At Odell Law, PLC, our Orange County whistleblower attorneys have in-depth knowledge of employment law that will help whistleblowers benefit from the California Labor Code, qui tam actions, and other protections against retaliation. If you’re ready to discuss your legal claim, contact our Orange County, CA law office at 949-771-8173.