Employment Case Referrals

Employment Case Referrals

Many of our best cases come from other attorneys who have trusted Odell Law, PLC to provide excellent representation. As such, we have worked as co-counsel with a number of employment and non-employment attorneys in order to achieve the best possible results.

Odell Law, PLC offers years of employment litigation experience as well as significant trial experience and results that are rare among employment counsel.

In addition, we have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral fees to attorneys for bringing us quality employment cases.

Get More For Your Referral

Importantly, Odell Law is not a volume law firm (i.e. “settlement mill”) like so many others. Rather, we accept very few cases so that we can put significant time and effort into fully litigating the matter if early settlement will not yield excellent value.

Mr. Odell has spent tens of thousands of hours litigating complex employment cases of all types and will conduct extensive oral and written discovery to obtain the best possible evidence for trial. In addition, we will file all necessary motions to compel, fully and successfully oppose MSJ (Mr. Odell’s current record is flawless at 32-0) and compel depositions of all relevant witnesses.

By the time of trial, it is not uncommon for Mr. Odell to have already invested over 600 hours of his time into the case. That effort, combined with Mr. Odell’s demonstrated success at trial will often yield significantly higher settlements and verdicts – thus maximizing the amount being paid to the referring attorney.

Employment Trial Counsel

Robert Odell has tried numerous employment cases in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Bernardino and has even prevailed against some the largest employment defense firms in the Country. As such, many attorneys have engaged Mr. Odell specifically to act as trial counsel on their existing employment matters.

Mr. Odell handles all of his own trial technology and is well-versed in conducting focus groups, trial procedure, jury selection, presentation of evidence, witness exams, jury instructions, verdict forms and persuasive oral argument (including punitive damages).