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Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Beverly Hills

Helping Employees Seek Justice After Being Fired for Illegal Reasons

If you were terminated from your job despite positive performance reviews, your employer might have let you go for an unfair or illegal reason. This can be difficult to determine on your own, but a wrongful termination lawyer serving Beverly Hills can investigate and let you know if you’re entitled to compensation.

Being wrongfully terminated from your job is upsetting and can result in financial difficulties. This is why it’s important to pursue damages if it turns out your employer fired you for an unlawful reason. Contact our Beverly Hills, CA law firm to schedule a free consultation with a caring wrongful termination lawyer.

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

Simply losing a job you liked isn’t necessarily cause for initiating a wrongful termination claim. You must prove that your employer terminated you illegally by breaking a state or federal law meant to protect you. Before you determine if you should pursue a wrongful termination claim against your Beverly Hills, CA, workplace, you should learn about some unlawful reasons for firing employees.

One example of an illegal reason to terminate an employee is retaliation. If you were fired after reporting your employer’s unlawful conduct, workplace discrimination, wage violations, sexual harassment, or other work issues, it may have been a retaliatory termination. If you can prove this with help from a Beverly Hills employment attorney, you might have a wrongful termination claim.

If your employer breached your employment contract by terminating you without good cause, you may be able to initiate a wrongful termination case. Note that California is an at-will state, so if you didn’t have a contract, your employer doesn’t need to state a reason to let you go. But employment contracts are the exception to this, so if your employer violated yours, contact our Beverly Hills law firm to consider your legal options.

Even though this is an at-will state, no employer can terminate an employee because they belong to a protected class. That’s considered discrimination, which is illegal. The following are protected characteristics for which your employer cannot terminate you:

  • Age, if you’re over 40
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Genetic information
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Sex
  • National origin
  • Pregnancy
  • Veteran status
  • Disability

If you can prove your wrongful termination was due to discrimination of a protected class, contact our Beverly Hills, California law office to talk to a skilled wrongful termination lawyer. You may be able to pursue monetary damages for wrongful termination.

Why Should You Pursue Compensation for Wrongful Termination?

If you were unexpectedly terminated from a job you enjoyed, you might feel shocked or insulted. This can make it difficult to rush into finding another job right away, especially if you keep wondering if you suffered wrongful termination based on illegal reasons. Whether you believe you faced discrimination or retaliation by your employer in the Beverly Hills area, you deserve to take some time to investigate the reason for your termination. Of course, you need money to support yourself, so you should request financial compensation if you were wrongfully terminated.

When you get a settlement for wrongful termination, you can get compensated for economic damages, such as lost income and benefits. Your Beverly Hills wrongful termination lawyer will work on getting you compensated for not only lost wages, but also back pay, interest on your lost wages, and money to make up for bonuses and raises you missed out on due to wrongful termination.

Your Beverly Hills wrongful termination attorney will also help you get non-economic damages for emotional distress, humiliation, and other losses that are hard to calculate without help from a lawyer. Additionally, punitive damages and lawyer fees may be part of your settlement, depending on the circumstances of your wrongful termination. Experienced wrongful termination attorneys can tell you what compensation to expect, so contact our Beverly Hills law firm.

What Evidence Can Support a Beverly Hills, California Wrongful Termination Claim?

Most employers are not forthcoming about the facts when they illegally terminate an employee. This is why wrongful termination cases are hard to prove. Fortunately, experienced lawyers who have handled numerous wrongful termination cases know how to discover the truth.

When you come to our Beverly Hills, CA law firm for legal representation, a caring wrongful termination attorney will consider your circumstances and let you know what evidence will prove your claim. In many cases, your goal will be to show that you performed your job well and had no warnings or complaints before you were wrongfully terminated. Your wrongful termination attorney might advise you to look for emails, work awards, and voicemails giving you positive reinforcement before you were let go.

If you have proof that your employer was satisfied with your work, but you were terminated after requesting medical leave, reporting illegal conduct, or asking for reasonable accommodations for a disability, you may be the victim of wrongful termination. Contact our Beverly Hills law firm for a consultation with a wrongful termination attorney eager to provide legal representation.

Should You Hire Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Beverly Hills?

At Odell Law, PLC, we have compassion for employees who faced wrongful termination based on unlawful discrimination, retaliation, and other unjust reasons. That’s why we work tirelessly to help employees get their rightful compensation after dealing with the devastating effects of wrongful termination.

You can trust that our team is knowledgeable about employment law, so we can determine when an employer has broken a state or federal law when terminating an employee. If this is the case for your situation, we’d be happy to provide the legal representation you need for your wrongful termination lawsuit. If you’re ready to take legal action against your employer, contact our Beverly Hills, CA law firm at 949-771-8173 for advice from experienced wrongful termination attorneys.