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Robert Odell and his team are absolutely top tier. I learned so much in my own experience — not much in life prepared me for the very specific set of skills required and the nuance of battle I faced in the legal world. There really isn’t a great way to measure the quality of a lawyer before you hire them. There’s no real Yelp equivalent in which to read reviews or glean great insight. The few sites that do exist are sparse and the information therein is largely useless. Perhaps more importantly, without experience, most people would not know what to look for or how to recognize the qualities of high caliber representation. There are many grifters in this space. Many have made lucrative careers out of exclusively PRE-trial correspondence / negotiations and never step foot in a courthouse. Even if your desired outcome is a settlement — hiring an accomplished and competent trial attorney is very useful in communicating your seriousness and willingness to escalate. Robert Odell’s trial experience speaks volumes. When your opposition Googles him (and they will) they will know you mean business! That’s immediately valuable. Odell listened to me; he trusted my understanding of my position and my leverage. And then he helped me execute. He was timely, reliable, and professional. He has a creativity and flexibility that many in the legal world lack. All involved parties were very pleased with the outcome he helped secure. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone with a serious legal grievance, especially with respect to employment matters.

-Lauren M.


Rob is an exceptional employment attorney, who is a true advocate for his clients and will go above and beyond to ensure you get the maximum outcome possible. He really takes the time to thoroughly understand the details of your case and has the unique ability to leverage pertinent elements to establish the most advantageous position. Most importantly, Rob is trustworthy, compassionate, easy to communicate with and extremely responsive. It is evident he genuinely cares, values his clients and makes a wholehearted investment in the cases he takes on. I am confident that he is the best wrongful termination lawyer in the Orange County and Los Angeles region, as he is committed to fighting for what’s right and wants justice for his clients. I am so glad I found him and highly recommend him, as his domain expertise in employment law is truly unparalleled!

-Nancy T.


Robert Odell and his team are the absolute best. If you are looking for a wrongful termination lawyer in Orange County California, Odell Law comes with my highest recommendation. Not only was I guided through the entire process with professionalism and peace of mind, but the team also got me an exceptional outcome that exceeded my expectations. If you were lucky enough to come across this review, trust me, you’ve found your guy.

-Bianca J.


I was looking for an employment attorney in California for a harassment and wrongful termination suit. I did a lot of research and called a few attorneys. None of them had the knowledge, confidence, and respect that Robert and his staff gave me. From day one, they made me feel that I was in good hands. Robert, Claudette, and Natalie were such a huge blessing to my family and me. I wasn’t just another case. They truly care about their clients. They walked me through everything and made it so much easier. Seeing them in court against the opposing side was great. I’m so glad that I had them in my corner. If I can give any advice to someone who is going through harassment or has been wrongfully terminated, there are people who can help and not let them get away with it. Odell Law is the one you want fighting for you. Thank you again Odell Law.

-Jeremy B.


Robert Odell is one of the best employment attorneys in Los Angeles. I was impressed with his knowledge of employment discrimination laws as well as his extensive experience as a trial attorney. After searching for an employment lawyer, I found that trial attorneys like Mr. Odell are very rare and there is a very big difference in the results. I highly recommend his services.

-Alan M.