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Robert Odell is an employment attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA and has been named as a Superlawyer Rising Star and as one of the Top 100 Attorneys in California by the Daily Journal.

During his career, Robert has recovered tens of millions of dollars in wrongful terminationharassmentdiscrimination and whistleblower cases, including seven and eight-figure trial verdicts, one of which was over $25,000,000.

Robert Odell is also believed to be the youngest attorney in California history to obtain an eight-figure employment verdict as lead trial counsel.

Employment Law Services

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What Makes Us Different From 99% Of Other Law Firms?

Robert A. Odell, Is An Actual, Top Trial Attorney Who Has Obtained Six, Seven And Eight-Figure Jury Verdicts As Lead Trial Counsel

Most attorneys have never been to trial and/or have never acted as lead trial counsel. Further, less than 1% of attorneys have ever recovered large, seven and eight-figure jury verdicts for their clients.

Hiring a proven trial attorney dramatically increases the value of your case. This is because the Defendant will know that the threat of trial is real and that your attorney has the proven skill to secure a large verdict against them.



We Gladly Share Our Excellent Results From Past Cases

Unlike other firms, we gladly share many of our past results and provide great detail on the facts of those cases and how they resolved.

This not only shows our clients that we “walk the walk,” but also shows the Defendant that we do not take bad cases and do not accept lowball settlement offers.



We Add Value By (Actually) Filing And (Fiercely) Litigating Your Case In Court

Many attorneys refuse to file and litigate your case in court (or do a very poor job of it). Instead, they will push you to settle for pennies-on-the-dollar simply because it’s not part of their business model.

Our firm fights hard for a maximum-value settlement, not quick money. If the Defendant refuses to pay fair value, we will actually file your case in court and spend hundreds of hours aggressively litigating and pushing towards trial. We will fight to obtain critical documents, take multiple depositions, talk to witnesses, file discovery motions and oppose Defendant’s attempt to dismantle your case.



We Take A Limited Number Of Cases So That We Can Maximize The Value For All Our Clients

We are not a big “settlement factory” law firm where your case is settled in bulk with dozens of others, simply to “feed the machine” (i.e. so they can make rent for their 10,000 sqft office on Wilshire Blvd.). As such, you will not see our firm advertising on billboards, radio, daytime television or on the back of a bus.

If we accept your case, Robert A. Odell is your actual attorney and will be your trial lawyer when the time comes. Unlike the big firms, the outcome of your case will actually matter to us.

Employment Law Results

$25,142,000.00 Whistleblower Jury Verdict

At only 31 years old, Robert acted as the lead trial counsel for an employee who was wrongfully terminated after reporting an illegal kickback scheme. At the time, the verdict was the highest single-plaintiff whistleblower award in California history and Robert also became the youngest trial attorney to ever obtain such a result. (See Babyak v. Cardiovascular Systems Inc., 2017 Los Angeles Case No. BC601259)

Orange County Employment Law

Robert Odell has practiced employment law in Orange County for nearly a decade and has obtained incredible jury verdicts and settlements for his clients.

Growing Up In Garden Grove & Huntington Beach

An Orange County native, Robert grew up in Garden Grove, CA and spent his youth frequenting nearby Huntington Beach for its exceptional surf. As a high school student, Robert excelled at math and science and discovered his passion for competitive sports as he became one of the top cross country and track runners in Orange County.

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